Lindsey Yankey
Simply Read Books
ISBN 978-1927018330

The wind is missing! Little Bluebird has never flown without her friend the wind before and is afraid to try. So she sets off on an adventure to find it. Is it making wishes with the dandelions? Playing with the kites? She searches everywhere. In the end, she finds more than her favorite friend--she finds confidence too.

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Awarded Kansas Notable Book for 2015

"A little bluebird attempts a solo journey from the nest with, for the first time, no help from her friend, Wind. Maybe the wind is taking a day off?...Oversize double-page spreads washed in muted neutrals and highlighted by olive green and specks of color carry the bird’s journey forward as she searches. Large areas of negative space overlaid with delicate line drawings convey a familiar and yet otherworldly place for the little avian flyer, while Yankey’s intriguing use of an aerial perspective inspires readers to turn pages sideways to view all the details of the park and the city...At the end of this visual treasure, Bluebird soars happily with the wind through the clouds in a seemingly limitless sky."
--Booklist Starred Review Preschool-Grade 2. --Lolly Gepson


"To illustrate her quiet tale about a bluebird who can't find the wind, debut artist Yankey combines line drawings, collage, botanical motifs, and plenty of airy space...Viewers follow the bluebird as she visits the places she's found the wind before, but everything is still. Model sailboats float motionless in the park pond; a kite lies undisturbed on a bench...The theme of observation from a distance gives the story a dreamy calm; muted colors and creamy pages deepen the tranquility."
--Publishers Weekly


"A story of a missing friend found and of confidence gained, Bluebird by Lindsey Yankey is pure pleasure. It is a quiet, thoughtful story wrapping around you like a warm hug. This is a book meant to be shared anytime with anyone."  
-- Librarian's Quest


"Whimsical illustrations using various materials of collage, pencil, ink, linoleum block, and paint that play with dimension abound. Each spread could be a stand-alone, but the beauty is in how each one enhances the others in a dreamy compilation brought together by bluebird’s story. A deep richness is emphasized in each illustration and a diversity they collectively create." 
-- Sturdy of Common Things